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My Top 3 Favourite Highlighters πŸ’–

I love Highlighters and I have always been searching for the perfect one. We all like that glow that it gives you, I must say that’s my favourite part when doing someone’s makeup. I live in a small city in Alberta, Canada and the closest Sephora is like 400 km away and I honestly hate shopping online, just because waiting for my products to arrive is painfull as hell, I just want to have them now!! I am such an anxious girl, lol πŸ˜‚! So that’s why, before my trip to Sephora I tried to find a really good drugstore highlighter. I bought so many brands and had to just throw them away as they were not doing their jobs. I am not going to say wich ones I dislike just because I wanna focus on the products that I do like :). 

My first choice and favourite drugstore Highlighter is Nyx-Born to Glow  β€΅οΈ


It is creamy and harder to work with but if you apply it with your fingers or with a stipple brush, it will look amazing on your skin. Make sure you tap it when applying and not rubbing, otherwise you’ll ruin your foundation and you’ll just mix them together.  

Price: 9.90$ CAD

My second Drugstore Highlighter favourite is actually a high-end brand but available at drugstores -Stilla- All over shimmer ‡️


It is liquid and again, just a bit harder to work with. Apply it in the same way as the Nyx one and you’ll love it😍.

Price: 26$ CAD

Last but not least, my ultimate favourite Mac- Soft and Gentle ‡️


A high-end highlighter which will never fail you. Easy to apply, use a fan brush and you’ll be amazed what it does to your skin πŸ’•

Price: 32$ CAD



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